How do we apply this knowledge to our daily lives?

As the insoles protects our feet by absorbing shock, when a shoe comes without a insole, one's feet may get injured before they can go out to get an insole. But, knowing which material comes closest to the shock absorbing qualities of an insole, one will not need to get one as the can make one on their own.

Areas of further study.

1 ) the amount of materials the soles can be made of. Due to time constraints, we only had time to do six different setups. Thus, the results from this experiment is not as accurate as it can be.

2) Due to the quality of the camera used, the videos taken from it is of average quality
thus, when thE videos are slowed down, the individual frames are sometimes not as clear as others. This may result in the inaccuracy of the result due to us not being able to see the markings clearly.

3) Due to time constraints, we only used marking of 1 cm in between each other. As the human eye is sometimes not very accurate, by having a 0.1 cm gap in-between each other, the results obtained will be much more accureate.

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